Why Use CDS for Hydraulic Repairs ?

The most important reason you should use CDS for your hydraulic repairs is summed up in one word, QUALITY. Whether you have a cylinder, pump or motor CDS can take care of your hydraulic repair needs. Our experienced staff will carefully inspect your unit for the necessary steps needed to get your unit up and running. Our sourcing and purchasing team has the knowledge and resources to get the repair components needed in a timely manner and at a competitive price. Once the repair is complete we will test your unit at the OEM specified parameters to ensure that your unit will run once it is installed for service. Our onsite testing capabilities is what separates us from most of our competition.

Hydraulic Cylinders

CDS is your best option for any hydraulic cylinder repair. Whether it is a tie rod, round body welded cylinder, or a multi-stage cylinder, our on-site machine shop has the capabilities to get your unit repaired and running as quickly as possible. Our machining capabilities combined with our large inventory make us a preferred choice for hydraulic repairs.

Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

CDS is able to repair and service most major brands of hydraulic pumps and motors. We are able to source replacement parts along with new and remanufactured units. We test every hydraulic unit prior to it leaving the shop to ensure that it will run once you put it in place.

CDS Hydraulic – Other Services

CDS is preferred by their customers to repair water pumps in both the industrial and municipal markets. We have a number of resources available that allows us to get parts in a timely manner to cut down the cost of your downtime. We have experience in repairing parts of a large number of brands.