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CDS Services




Water-Jet Cutting at CDS


Our water-jet cutting machine is able to cut through virtually any material for your project. We are one of the few companies located in the Texas Panhandle that have continuous access to a water-jet machine and are able to solve your industrial problems through using the water-jet machine. Our machine is able to hold tolerance levels of + / - .003", making the process of cutting the material very clean and precise.

Water-Jet Cutting


Mechanical and Hydraulic Repair


Our mechanical and hydraulic repair team is not just another option. We are your best option for high quality work, quick turnaround service times, and above and beyond customer service. We understand the costs of downtime and will do everything in our power to repair your product with the highest quality and get it back to you in a timely manner.

Mechanical Hydraulic Repair


CDS Fabrication


Our fabrication division is able to customize projects that will meet all of your needs and demands. We have the ability to consult with and help you make decisions that would be the most effective design for your individual situation. We work with your cost in mind throughout the process, from the consultation to the maintenance of your equipment.