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CDS Fabrication Services


Why Use CDS Fabrication?


There are a number of reasons why you should choose CDS for all of your fabrication projects. There is no project that is too small for us to handle. We have the equipment within our fabrication shop to handle projects of any size. We have consulted, installed, and maintained fabrication projects across the country.

Why Use CDS Fabrication?


CDS Belt Conveyors


Our belt conveyors come with standard sanitary features and are all customizable by length, width, height, angle, and belt type. We are able to build your belt conveyors to meet all of the needs and demands of your manufacturing environment. All of the belt conveyors that we build are maintenance friendly and clean-up easily.

Belt Conveyors


CDS Platforms, Stairs, and Ladders


Customers can choose from a variety of walking surfaces, as well as material combinations that will be designed to meet all of your needs and applications for your manufacturing environment. All of our equipment is built with standard safety features, including railing, and meet OSHA and your guidelines.

Platforms, Stairs, and Ladders


CDS Work Stations and Ergonomic Stands


Whether you are needing work stations and ergonomic stands at the floor level or at an elevated level to meet all of your processing needs, we are able to custom design, build, and install work stations and ergonomic stands that will meet all of your demands. All of our work stations and ergonomic stands are built to meet safety and sanitary requirements.

Work Stations and Ergo Stands


CDS Custom Piping and Ductwork


With CDS Fabrication, you are able to choose from a number of materials to meet the demands of any of your applications. We are able to customize your piping and ductwork in terms of shapes, sizes, lengths, and any custom-fit configurations that only you may have in your processing environment.

Custom Piping and Duct Work


CDS Sterilizers


We are able to customize sterilizers in terms of shapes and sizes that will meet all of your processing demands and needs. Our sterilizers are constructed out of heavy duty stainless steel and fitted with steam and water fittings as well as drain and overflow outlets. All of our sterilizers will meet all safety guidelines.



CDS Fabrication - Other Services


We are able to design and fabricate customized projects including carts, dumpers, slides, chutes, tables, racks, hoppers, and storage tanks. All of our customized projects are built to meet all sanitary and safety requirements. You can also choose from a variety of capabilities and options for any of these fabrication projects.

Other Fabrication Services

We can fabricate just about anything that you can imagine. Give us a call with any questions, designs, or ideas that you might have.